Can’t Wait For Singapore!

Every time I look out the tiny tinted cabin window from my economically located seat close to the rear of the plane, I think about one of my favorite bits by Louis CK. In the segment from one of Louie’s shows, he goes about depicting being on a pilot run(no pun intended) for airplane wifi. The joke climaxed with the passages next to him cursing under his breath when the wifi failed and Louie pointed out how bizarre and ungrateful this was because they’re sitting in a tube in the sky and that in itself is fantastic and the definition of amazing. I try to keep that idea with me always, because the sheer fact that I’m writing this on a digital plane from a tube in the sky, which will somehow miraculously make it to satellites orbiting the planet, and back down to your device and translate from lines of code which are merely strands of light into words is truly unbelievable besides knowing its real. 
The problems of humanity do not cease as you travel. Some fade, like monotony of routine and pressures of work life. Others grow with intensity, as in homesickness and the never ending task of homocapians to seek identity and individuality. It’s important to remain humble about experiences and grateful for the life your given and also the shape you’ve yourself given to it.  
I met a lovely woman while hiking the TA named Tadpole(trail name) who embodied many qualities I’d love to find in my future self. She was kind, straightforward, easy to laugh, and seemingly in-quarrelsome with her own self. She is a totally rad ageless livelifetothefullest BA 70 year young soul. Tadpole told us that every morning she dedicates one hour to gratitude. She had much wisdom to share with us, but the one bit I held on to most was this. 
Right now, I’m five or six hours from Singapore. The foodie in me can hardly sit in my seat. Hawker centres and pod hostels are on the top of the to do list. The city-state of Singapore is to be the ultimate melting pot of a huge mix of culture. I can not wait to experience the food, art, customs, and infrastructure.  


July 2015 Exhibit

” This First Thursday, visit Cornerstone Center for the Arts 5-8 p.m. Thursday for a presentation from local artist Lindsey Bishop.

The show, entitled “Roy G. Biv,” features a collection of paintings inspired by the hardship, joyance happenstances, tragedy, and tender compassion of life. The vibrant 2D collection is painted in the entire color spectrum. Included in the show is a painting that pays tribute to her late friend Mandy.

“My goal in creating each piece is to send viewers back out into the world with the desire to smile at a stranger and find beauty in a tree’s bark,” Bishop said in a release. Raised in rural Indiana, Bishop grew up surrounded by the nature that inspires her today. She was encouraged from a young age to explore art as means of expression, and sold her first painting at age 15.

Bishop is a 2014 Ivy Tech Community College graduate, and holds a degree in hospitality administration. Artistic accomplishments include an exclusive feature in The Star Press and a gallery showing at Folly Moon in 2014. Her work can be found at Dan’s Records in downtown Muncie. Bishop is in the beginning stages of fostering her visual arts and design career in Louisville, Ky.

The opening reception will be 5-8 p.m. Thursday at the Cornerstone Art Gallery on the second floor of Cornerstone Center for the Arts. “Roy G. Biv” will be on display throughout the month of July.

Information: Department of Education and Communication, 765-281-9503, ext. 23. ”

My second solo display is happening this month in case you didn’t know.  I’ve made it down to Louisville, and I’m definitely settled in.  However, lets not forget where I started in Muncie Indiana.  My Muncie neighbors can attest to the color display they would see when i was varnishing finished works.

Check out the show if you’re in the area! It’s at Cornerstone Center for the Arts in downtown Muncie.  The show will display for the month of July.  I’ve put years of work into this show, and I promise you won’t regret taking the time.

I'm happy that Mandy's family(my old neighbors) came to see the show.  It's evident that Mandy will be forever missed.

I’m happy that Mandy’s family(my old neighbors) came to see the show. It’s evident that Mandy will be forever missed.



Just a few random art collectors stopping in! Thank you to my friends for being forever supportive.

Just a few random art collectors stopping in! Thank you to my friends for being forever supportive.


I haven’t written one of these for a long time, and to my defense, I believe it has less to do with laziness and more to do with social anxiety.  Give me a break, I’ve been living in a woods without power or a driveway for the last 6 months.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m exiting my early 20s and headed toward the mid, or if the chaos of life has hit me harder lately.  I don’t care what anyone says, 23 is a bleeping’ difficult period of life.  I’ve found myself in a new city.  I can explain my reality of being here as somewhat like getting hit by a tsunami (grotesque hatred), being dragged downward, tossed around in the circumference  of fear and bewilderment (trying “fix” the world around us and failing. Hard.).  It is a mystery to me as to why there are human beings that belong to hostile thoughts of blame and blind rage.  circumference  why emotionally vacant relationships reign our world.  But this wave will enviably bring us back to the surface, where we will struggle for air for a good amount of time.   But we didn’t die, did we precious? We can drown in this, or we can relax. It’s easy to take the good for granted, and to be overly appalled with the negative.  Its human nature; all of it.

It is summertime, and it is hot.  I’m preparing for a show at Cornerstone in July.  And I’ll be spending some time lower my expectations of myself and feeling the sunshine on my face.  This post is almost entirely for my own benefit, because I like to write and put my thoughtings into the world(I’m perfectly aware that “thoughtings” is not a word, more like a happy happenstance.  But if anyone can find calm in the fact that theres another individual that is flabbergasted that the world does not run entirely on love.  Here I am.  And my advise is to go listen to some Ween.

Why I decided to quit my internship, and travel cross-country with my new friend Cammy.


I think the title of this blog is a sustainable enough reason. An adventure back across the country? Heck yes. But, it would have been incredible irresponsible for us to have landed on such a decision without facets of indescrepencies. Let me explain.

My Idaho life was fantastic. I met so many wonderful people, and I have stories for a lifetime. I saw so much beauty in the landscape and in the hearts of people that crossed paths with me. But I’m against living uncomfortably. I’m aware of my mortality, and I believe life should be lived to the absolute fullest. The requirements of my internship were fulfilled, and I was decisively not fulfilled in sticking around. I believe in finishing what I start, but more importantly, I believe in living to the full capacity of creativity and enthusiasm. I was in a place of good intentions, but with a lack of resources of carry out full intentions. I was also diverting my attention away from my business to do lots of sitting. Cam had his own legitimate reasons, so we decided to continue our education on the open road. Without further ado, here’s some of the awesome that happened. Yeah, I know you just look at pictures….

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Mountain Gazing and Potential Demise with my Best-Good-Idaho Friend, Cammy.


What’s the most terrifying animal imaginable in the deep wooden mountainsides of Idaho?  If you don’t know Idaho well, it’s lush with pines, incredibly dry, and HOT.  Crystal clear waters, and dense with wildlife.  As you probably know, these are prime conditions for exotic and ferocious creatures.  With that in mind, let’s begin this story.

Once upon a time, Cammy and I decided to go for a walkabout to spectate the land and ponder life’s greatest questions, and to eat a bag of carrots.  



We found the perfect spot, complete with ghostly winds, and a sun approaching dusk.  What a sight!  So breathe-taking, it made me re-contemplate just what exactly is important in my life.  I came up with the same conclusion I had before.  Anyway.  So carrots finished, we stand up from our rock couch to take in the view one last time. SNAP, CRACKLE, POP!  We freeze, and stare at each other with bug-eyes.  What was that?  Probably a chubby squirrel landing on a branch.  CRACK CCRReeeeAACCKK.  Chills surge up my spine.  Cam investigates a few feet back. The sound is getting closer and Cams creeps quietly back to my side, both of us holding our breathes in frightened anticipation. it’s time to make a decision; fight or flight. Weapons? Do we have weapons? It’s too late. At this point, I’m immersed with dread.  A giant brown figure emerges from the evergreens! It’s massive! What is it? My heart is in my throat and I’m preparing to be eaten alive.  It’s becoming more visible from behind the brush! It’s…it’s….it’s a cow. Oh. A cow. In the woods.  Of course! A cow’s nature habitat.

Thought it was going to be the end of me, eh?  Eh? Not this girl.  I shall live to tell another tale, my friends. 




By the way, check out Cam’s blog, .

A Painter’s Paradise


Idaho. I’ve been here about a month and a half, and I can already declare this summer as notable in my life.  If the scenery were the only draw, I’d consider this a wonderland.  Giant hills, storybook blue skies,  mineral-specaled whitewater, cottonwood seed rain, and big pines. Everything smells like lavender, sage, lilac, and pine needles. And sunshine.  I live right on a river, and the sound of the flow is one step up from going to sleep to the sound of steady rainfall.  Every time I walk out my door, I discover something else magical.

When I accepted an internship at small lodge located on the map right at the emergence of the Idaho panhandle, I had no expectations.  As a Midwestern girl, I indulged in traveling around the east, but had never been passed the Mississippi. I drove 2200 miles and 36 hours to anchor at a town of 410 locals that booms to thousands during the summer.  The tourism focus of the area is, without a doubt, rafting.  Many of the natives eat and breathe the rafting life.  And I found out why.  It’s crazy fun ya’ll.  I was given the opportunity to join guide training trips for the rafting company directly affiliated with the lodge.  By no means do I relate this experience of rafting to the potential fun it could be.  It was frigid, rainy and bleak.  Theoretically, it sucked hard.  Lucky for me, I was on the Fun Boat.  What is the Fun Boat you ask?  Why, the Fun Boat is where friendships bloom and laughs are shared.  A place of sing-songs, and movie quotes.  Stories and are exchanged and dreams are pondered over.

Pandora is so needy.  It needs your full attention to play.

Anyway, let’s talk about my first few rafting trips.  Notable, indeed.  The very first time I found myself in an inflatable tubular flotation device with a presumably fiberglass paddle in hand, I also found myself treading water in white water rapids a short time later.  Well, let’s back up a bit.  I arrived in Idaho about a month before my internship officially started to work and explore all of the beautiful.  The first couple of weeks I was there, some of the local raft guides invited me on a rafting trip.  And so this story begins.

I gained an entirely new understand for the phase “in the blink of an eye” that day.  I literally didn’t know what hit me.  Well what hit me was a wave. To the face.  And in I went.  I vividly remember the only words that fluttered through my mind were “Oh, shit.”  Being my first time rafting, and really just there for the fun of it, I hadn’t yet been given the run-down of what to actually do in such a case that I was up to my chin in alarm.  But, bitterly cold waves engulfing my body motivated my instincts to kick in.   Paddle still in hand, I jetted for the boat as fast as my numb extremities would allow.  That was the moment I learned of a “Flop and Giggle”.  1, 2, 3, dunk down, pull up by the life jacket straps, and in the boat ya go!  A humbling experience, indeed.  Such an event set the mood for a few week later, when yet again, I found myself in the water after being smacked in the face by a wave.  Even though I was trapped under the boat for a few seconds, I was quite confident in the crew I was with.  And not to my surprise, Dylan gave me concise and direct instructions on getting my fanny back in that boat.  Oh shoot, did I forget to introduce the crew?

Well, Dylan is my new friend born and raised in Vegas.  A paddle rafting guide for the previous three years, he enjoys turtles, and only drinks milk juice and water.  Next me have Miles, who is back for a second year at Epley’s to guide rafts.  Living in town for the summer, very rarely have I met anyone that rivals this one’s ability to mimic and quote movies, standup acts, and songs.  Moving forward in the fun boat lineup, we have Erik.  Wonderful taste in music, this one.  I’m honored to have been able to celebrate the 19th year of his existence his passed week.  So much so, I decided to make this fiasco.  Meh.


And then my dear housemate, Cam.  A rookie to the west just like myself, it’s nice to have someone to indulge in all of this gloriousness with me.  He’s been around the map a bit, and I’m honestly rather jealous of how travelled he is.  Australia, Fiji, bunch o’ states, what, what?  He’s got that wanderlust and I can relate.  If you don’t speak Bridesmaids, it’s probably confusing to listen to our conversationing.  Welp, that’s the Fun Boat crew, but the fun doesn’t stop there.  Hunter, Sara, and Ivan continue on the legacy of awesome.  All three educate their brains in Moscow, all Recreation focused. Sara has  a refreshing view on life, and the more I get to know this lovely lady, the more I feel we were destined to be friends.  Such a wonderfully positive and open individual!  Who happens to enjoy hugs and scavenging I think as much as I do.  She’s also back this summer to raft it up.  Hunter is one that’s always down for adventure and a laugh. And I have another roomie with Ivan.  It’s nice to meet someone that enjoys analyzing one’s own mind and our existence with me.

All of these cool cats are going to make my summer an entirely new level of awesome, I know it.




What a wonder group of people I have met.  Although I sometimes find myself missing summertime in Indiana, these guys sure do ease the pain.

Have you ever been dumpster diving?  W’ll you should, because you’ll discover the world of fo’ free.  More on that next time.  I have so many stories to tell you, so stay tuned for new terminology, fishing, irrigation, star gazing, and community. Oh, and how the heck I got here.  For now,  th-tha-that’s all, folks! -LB

How did I come …

How did I come to know
so many lonesome cities
with only pennies in my pockets?
I smiled a lot
and Rode a lot of trains
and got to know conductors
and railroad bulls by name.
From Alamo to Naples is a ride
that took me nearly twenty years
But here I am,
my cardboard suitcase traded in for leather.