Bye-Bye Covington.

This week I’m saying goodbye to my first time living in a city.  I moved here in July, so it was short lived indeed.  But I really loved living in an urban scene.  For those of you that don’t know Covington, Kentucky it’s directly across the river from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.  While I lived here, I had one of the chillest jobs I’ve ever had working at the Great American Ball Park.  Seriously, I pretty got paid to eat popcorn and talk to people.  Two of my favorites.

Covington is one of a few cities(sometimes considered neighborhoods) around Cincinnati, but to my knowledge, it’s the biggest with a population of around 40,000 people.  If you didn’t know any better, you’d think it was all Cincy, since it all runs together.  Covington has so much potential, and it’s moving towards at becoming a more creative, earth-conscious area with community gardens, downtown renovation, forming festivals, youth programs, and community restoration.


I will certainly miss walking around downtown Cincy with my music.

You Know I’m Here For The Food.

If you come to visit, definitely checkout Mainstrasse Village.  If you’re looking for a date night spot or sunday brunch, Otto’s won’t let you down. They have an exceptional wine list, and the food will not disappoint. Goodfellas Pizza is the place to go for a breadstick the size of a baseball bat.

If you’re headed across the bridge to Cincy, I recommend Gilpins or Currito for lunch. Gilpins features american cuisine with a little twist; they steam everything.  Meats, buns, veggies, the works.  Check it out if you’ve never had anything like it, BECAUSE ITS SO GOOD.  The staff is super friendly and helpful too. Currito is a chain of delicious burrito spots that’s set up cafeteria-line-style.  They have great selection, it’s quick, and the prices are reasonable.  It’s without a doubt a staple of downtown Cincinnati’s weekday lunch rush.

An excellent dinner spot, if not just for the view, would be the the Incline Public House. It sit all the way at the top of the banked in hills, which makes since considering it was a rail house at one point in time.


Hate to cut it short, but I gotta go shove some belongs in boxes.  Tomorrow is the big day.  But if you’re thinking about adding Cincinnati and surrounding cities to your travel itinarary, do it.  So many cool neighbors, like Clifton (home of University of Cincinnati), Hyde Park, Newport to check out the aquarium, and Over-the Rhine in downtown Cincinnati for drinks, to just to name a few.  I leave you with a photo recollection of life living on the Cov-Nati border. Enjoy yo’ self.  Thanks for stopping by, and if you ever want some recommendations of the city, hit me up.


The banks of Covington tell a vivid visual story of the areas history. If you’re parting in Covington for a game, you gotta check it out. It’s between the highway and the Roebling Bridge.


Yet another swell water feature in downtown Cincinnati.


If you’re headed to a game, don’t forget to hop on a ferry!


Both cities have a fantastic array of murals are all over the downtowns.



Check out the park right across the bridge in Cincy! It’s under construction, but it already has great aspects, like a walking meditation labyrinth, unique water features, and rent-able bikes. Plus, it’s right along the Ohio.


Quick and Dirty

Okay, good tootin’ grief. I haven’t posted a single thing in ages, AND SO MANY ADVENTURES HAVE BEEN HAD!

I’m so bad about keeping up with writing, even though I love it.  Even though I want to share my fun times with you guys, and maybe pass on some adventure ideas.  But good golly do I have a distraction problem.  I have at least 7 blog posts started that are unfinished.  Welp, looks like we’re in for a long post.  Posts will be photo-scarce after a little(big) break in we had. Bye-bye camera/laptop/memory cards.

.  IMG_1730

I do have this one! Lawl.  You know what it is, Fun Boat.  I feel the distraction building up.  Maybe if I quickly list everything fun, I won’t forget.

So recently I…

learned to longboard.

Fell off a longboard and broke myself.

Returned to Indiana, after road tripping with Cammy, and visiting my dear friend Brian in Chicago.

I moved to Covington, Kentucky.

Enjoyed a few months as an employee at the Great American Ball Park.

Went to Florida, now I’m in South Carolina! Travelling the slow, fun way.

I’m working as hard has possible to become a full-time artist.–(Art news!  I’m super excited to say that I’ll be the displaying artist for Cornerstone Center for the Arts in Muncie, running from December 4th, to January 1st!  Speaking of art, I’m also excited to share that I’ll be moving towards commission and one of a kind paintings.)

Soon I’ll be living back to Indiana to live out in nature, and advance to a easier, greener lifestyle.

Soon after that I’ll be traveling and exploring with the taller half of LDuo.


Man, I miss those sunnies. May they rest in peace at the bottom of Davie Jones’s locker.

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m using this post as a grounding factor to reacquaint myself with my blog.  Hello blog, please don’t be anger at me for neglecting you. Okay be back soon, swear.