Floyds Fork in Louisville

“Oh when I was 17 my mother said to me ‘don’t stop imagining the day that you do is the day that you die’.” – Youth Lagoon

Those words have been resinating in my brain for a few weeks now.  I’m guessing because I’ve been painting my soul happy for the last several months.  It feels fantastic.  It feels poor; but fantastic.

Today, my share will be of Floyd’s Fork in the Parklands.  It’s my favorite park so far living in Louisville.  It’s just on the outskirt of town, and it was built on donations from the public.  Go Louisville.

Indigo Bunting - Kentucky is apparently their mating grounds because I saw quite a bit of hankie pankie going on.

Indigo Bunting – Kentucky is apparently their mating grounds because I saw quite a bit of hankie pankie going on.


I’m not sure if this echinacea is diseased, but I think it’s beautiful. These are also known as purple cone flowers.


Saw so many bees! It’s a beautiful thing, it means our food is being pollinated. Gotta love on the bees.

IMG_5097 IMG_5100 IMG_5090 IMG_5089



I love the different levels of greenery.

I love the different levels of greenery.


The trail, and this slope goes right down to Floyds Fork.


Mandy Skies

Life is too short. Recent tragic events led my hometown and neighborhood to lose another beautiful soul, and I’d like to take a moment to recognize that life is too short to not hug someone everyday and say thank you. I feel so incredibly lucky to have the life I do, and the gratitude I feel for having creative passion in my life is exponential. I’ve struggled in the past with feeling ridiculous for wanting to be a person that creates because I’m not naturally fearless. I remember one day in the shop when Mandy and I we’re talking about my painting and I remember vividly how I talked me down and she talked me up and told me she thought it was the best thing to just be me. She was a friend to the world, and her attitude toward life was one to strive for. Thinking about how we should never take our time on earth for granted, I finished this today and I’d like to dedicate this one to her. Thank you for being a positive voice in my head and I hope that you feel everyday the way I did the moment I was struck by beauty and wanted to create this painting.

If you’d like to have a poster to remember her by follow the link below.  This generates no profit for me, I just want those that want one to have one.


5 Reasons to Buy Local Art.

Everyone has a passion and special talents.  

Not everyone knows what they are of course, but everyone has something that they were born to love.  I love to paint!  I love to create!  My crazy-irrational brain likes to make crazy-irrational things! That’s me. That’s what I like to do.  And there are many people like me. When it comes to making a living, nothing sounds quite as agreeable as being an artist(in whatever sense of the word).  I bet you know why that’s unfortunate for me.  Starving artist is a mainstream term for crazy people like us.

This may come off as shameless self-promotion, but keep in mind I’m speaking in general terms.  Buying art from individuals has many perks!  Here are just a few:

There’s nothing else like it.

Or in the case of buying numbered prints, there are very few like it.  Don’t be afraid to be one of the first to buy.  Those first addition babies are worth the most!

It’s an investment.

C’mon, buy it while it’s cheap! Someday, it might be worth a bunch.  Okay, or just buy it because you love it! Stop gawking.  Gawk at it whilst it hangs from your living room wall.

Example 1A.

Example 1A. Living room wall.

You’re buying a shiny, brand new family heirloom.

I bet yourself starting to pick up the trickle down effect.  It’s science! Buying art is like buying your great grand kiddies a CD(certified deposit).  As time goes by, value accumulates.  Sentimental as well as monitory.  Someday, that artist will die in rags, but their art will be worth wheel barrels of cash.  Hey, that’s just the reality, but it’s fruitful for the kiddies!  Geesh, you are so selfless.

Local artists are local, thus your money will go to feeding the community.

Just like shopping at the local grocery, or eating at the local sandwich shop(sorry, minds always on food) your money will be funneled back in a way that will benefit you.  Taxes will be paid to benefit roads, schools, blah blah blah.  Money will be spent around town, adding to the economic stability of your surroundings.  You get the gist, communities are like the recycling logo.  Everything just swirls around and around and…Just keep your dollars away from Walmart.  Spoiler Alert: they’re living, breathing, fire-spitting evil…

You’re supporting dreams.

No one heads down this scary, dark path with any ideas about getting rich.  Following dreams over cash flow is a majorly terrifying achievement.  Mad respect to those who make it out alive.  This may come as a surprise to you(or not) but the ratio for art apposed to aspiring artist IS NOT EQUAL.  The demand is super low.  The aspiring is super high.  If you are financial able and you love a piece of art work, go for it!  I guarantee, this is one purchase you will make in a life time that you will not regret.  It ranks somewhere between with buying a carseat for your infant, and buying an iPod(or other portable music device).

Next time you’re looking to spruce up your living space, spare those poor Chinese children and skip the Target clearance aisle.  Put your money towards an investment in humanity, and get yourself something one of a kind.  This goes for music, film, performance, books, WHATEVER.  If you like or are touched by something or someone, respond.  That’s what we do, and that’s what life is about.

I don’t like to spell/grammar check my writing, so excuse my rare mistakes.


A Relatively Unorthodox Way of Approaching the New Year

Today is January ninth which means only about 76% of us have bombed our New Years promises so far. Many of us promise to hit the gym only to not meet that goal and that’s when we find ourselves drowning our sorrows in a salty, fat-laden bag of remorse behind the couch at two in the morning. Maybe it doesn’t always go that far, but I’m here to discuss a more practical way to love on yourself.

I’ve had several people come to me the past few years with questions on nutrition and fitness. Those people from my speech class may remember me getting a little heated about the evil of Doritos. It’s getting me a little peeved right now that the word pops up on my iPod after typing “d-o”. MSGs make your brain cells expose guys.


The first thing we could all use a little more of is self-respect. Now the first thing that comes to mind for some is dressing “decently” for women or being a “man’s man” for dudes. No no no guys, I’m talking self esteem. When you finally stop putting emphasis on the drab opinions that others have through the very tiny keyhole they have to see into your life, well…your free. If your goal is to lose a few pounds, that right there will take off the weight of the world. (On the same note, stop giving so many shits about how other people live!) That’ll take off the weight of the universe.

On the same note, like what you like. Get into it, be you. Respect it. Like makeup? Know your stuff. Video games? Tattoos? Zodiacs and ventriloquism? No shame. Don’t put yourself in a demographic. That’s just a set stereotype someone somewhere uses in developing statics. Individuality is what makes this world a fun place. Like your music, your style, your ideas. Do you.

The second point I come to is brain drugs. Not to be confused with street drugs. Which you really don’t need when your brain has this amazing ability to make its own. Your brain produces four “feel-good” chemicals and releases them depending on your activity. Did you know when your parents kissed your bruises and broken bones as a kid, it really does make it feel better? That’s those brain chemicals for you, guys.

The big four are oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. Endorphins are our exercise motivation. It’s that beautiful feeling you get when you’re participating in your cardio of choice. Not the entire time, just when your starting to feel like your about to die but you keep on going aannnddd boom! your brain releases euphoric endorphins and everything’s rainbows. Dopamine is our “high on life” drug that you get from doing what you love. I get this from crafting and painting. Another reason to do you. Dopamine is what we get from exploring ideas and learning. That’s why we get addicted to a good book or really enjoy a class. Want to explore oxytocin?  Go hang out with some friends.  It’s what we get out of socializing.  Hanging out with your peps is good for your brain! Serotonin is an example of why we should be nice to the little ones of society.  Serotonin comes from the feeling of confidence, or doing something right.  It’s the feeling we got ourselves as kiddies when mom or dad stuck our stick figure portrait on the fridge.  It’s as good a reason as any to take a reading break right now and go hug somebody special. Both arms now.

The third point I’d like to discuss is a favorite for all of us, whether we admit it or not. POOPING. Did you know, not only do diet and exercise reign over our ability or the “healthiness” of our deification but STRESS and emotions play just as much of a part. When your body AND your head is in check, I argue that a good healthy poop at least once a day is in the top three reasons to smile.  So if your feeling stressed, just invert for a minute, analyze why you might be feeling a bit anxious, and address it.  Do it for poops sake.

In retrospect, repect yourself, others will do the same. Respect your body, because you only get one.

Here’s to wishing you years of good health to come.

Thank you for again reading my nonsensical blog again, and may the force be with you.