Can’t Wait For Singapore!

Every time I look out the tiny tinted cabin window from my economically located seat close to the rear of the plane, I think about one of my favorite bits by Louis CK. In the segment from one of Louie’s shows, he goes about depicting being on a pilot run(no pun intended) for airplane wifi. The joke climaxed with the passages next to him cursing under his breath when the wifi failed and Louie pointed out how bizarre and ungrateful this was because they’re sitting in a tube in the sky and that in itself is fantastic and the definition of amazing. I try to keep that idea with me always, because the sheer fact that I’m writing this on a digital plane from a tube in the sky, which will somehow miraculously make it to satellites orbiting the planet, and back down to your device and translate from lines of code which are merely strands of light into words is truly unbelievable besides knowing its real. 
The problems of humanity do not cease as you travel. Some fade, like monotony of routine and pressures of work life. Others grow with intensity, as in homesickness and the never ending task of homocapians to seek identity and individuality. It’s important to remain humble about experiences and grateful for the life your given and also the shape you’ve yourself given to it.  
I met a lovely woman while hiking the TA named Tadpole(trail name) who embodied many qualities I’d love to find in my future self. She was kind, straightforward, easy to laugh, and seemingly in-quarrelsome with her own self. She is a totally rad ageless livelifetothefullest BA 70 year young soul. Tadpole told us that every morning she dedicates one hour to gratitude. She had much wisdom to share with us, but the one bit I held on to most was this. 
Right now, I’m five or six hours from Singapore. The foodie in me can hardly sit in my seat. Hawker centres and pod hostels are on the top of the to do list. The city-state of Singapore is to be the ultimate melting pot of a huge mix of culture. I can not wait to experience the food, art, customs, and infrastructure.  


Pelorus River Track

Weeee we got to hike up a river, how rad is that! The Pelorus River is the clearest river I have seen in all my days. To get to the start of the track, we walked and hitch-hiked down back roads and pasture to end up at a campground and well known swimming hole. On a 85 degree F day, swimming in here (and later down the track, Emerald Pool) was magic for burnt skin and tired muscles. The campgrounds cafe and pastry shop had absolutely delicious looking treats and pies, as well as much needed sandfly spray. 

After leaving the campground, we got a ride from a cheeky kiwi couple who took us to the start of the track. The trail began with easy ascents  and descents through beech forest. During our three day, two night stint, we stayed at Captain Creek, Middy Creek, and Hacket Huts. Pelorus was our introduction to sidling and climbing over boulders on steep ledges, scoring over fallen trees, NZ’s obsession with swing bridges (I heart swing bridges), and a  welcome warmup for the Richmond Ranges.  




Queen Charlotte Track

  If only I knew how easy this trail was. Being our first stretch on the Te Araroa, it felt like walking on the meridian of heaven and hell. On one side, sweaty, hot, humid days with endless wasps and sand flies. Hills that seemed to go straight up then right back down. It’s a rough break in, but there are no words to decribe the beauty.  
 If you’re thinking of hiking in New Zealand, this is a great trail with clean camp grounds. The water taxis that take you to Ships Cove will shuttle your gear, making it simple and more leisurely. We, of course, carried ours to build endurance for the upcoming Richmond Ranges. 
Watch out for Wekas! They want to steal your lunch! 

Finally Here… at the beginning 

Please forgive grammatical errors. I’m writing by the seat of my pants.
Arriving to New Zealand feels like an accomplishment to say the least. I always underestimate how exhausting travel is. New Zealand is also my first passport stamp; as well as my first experience with jet lag. The short list of our very eventful excursion: painless flight with the exception of two emergency tickets ro Australia to prove we were leaving New Zealand before our three month visa waiver was up(helpful tip alert).

For those of you back home, I actually skipped a day and went back several hours. Confusing, I know. In other words, we departed on the 15th and arrived on the 17th after going over the international date line. That means I traveled through time and space and landed in the future. We wondered around Auckland for a good little bit and discovered a cultural melting pot that would put the states to shame. All kinds of folks! All kinds of food and language and culture from all parts of the world. 

After staying at verhandas backpackers one night, we realized we’d need one more night somewhere to catch a bus on Friday. So we went to the library and frantically, fruitlessly searched for a room for 5 hours. It turned out that there is a Lantern festival for the Chinese New Year(happy year of the monkey y’all) that’s pretty popular. Our luck turned around when we got a message from Julia on airbnb and we ferried to Bayswater to stay where we were fed great food and wine and given a comfy bed and great conversation.
We’re now waited in devonsport to catch another ferry to catch a bus to catch another ferry so we can FINALLY HIKE. Our food is mailed our bag are packed. Happy trails! 


Floyds Fork in Louisville

“Oh when I was 17 my mother said to me ‘don’t stop imagining the day that you do is the day that you die’.” – Youth Lagoon

Those words have been resinating in my brain for a few weeks now.  I’m guessing because I’ve been painting my soul happy for the last several months.  It feels fantastic.  It feels poor; but fantastic.

Today, my share will be of Floyd’s Fork in the Parklands.  It’s my favorite park so far living in Louisville.  It’s just on the outskirt of town, and it was built on donations from the public.  Go Louisville.

Indigo Bunting - Kentucky is apparently their mating grounds because I saw quite a bit of hankie pankie going on.

Indigo Bunting – Kentucky is apparently their mating grounds because I saw quite a bit of hankie pankie going on.


I’m not sure if this echinacea is diseased, but I think it’s beautiful. These are also known as purple cone flowers.


Saw so many bees! It’s a beautiful thing, it means our food is being pollinated. Gotta love on the bees.

IMG_5097 IMG_5100 IMG_5090 IMG_5089



I love the different levels of greenery.

I love the different levels of greenery.


The trail, and this slope goes right down to Floyds Fork.

July 2015 Exhibit

” This First Thursday, visit Cornerstone Center for the Arts 5-8 p.m. Thursday for a presentation from local artist Lindsey Bishop.

The show, entitled “Roy G. Biv,” features a collection of paintings inspired by the hardship, joyance happenstances, tragedy, and tender compassion of life. The vibrant 2D collection is painted in the entire color spectrum. Included in the show is a painting that pays tribute to her late friend Mandy.

“My goal in creating each piece is to send viewers back out into the world with the desire to smile at a stranger and find beauty in a tree’s bark,” Bishop said in a release. Raised in rural Indiana, Bishop grew up surrounded by the nature that inspires her today. She was encouraged from a young age to explore art as means of expression, and sold her first painting at age 15.

Bishop is a 2014 Ivy Tech Community College graduate, and holds a degree in hospitality administration. Artistic accomplishments include an exclusive feature in The Star Press and a gallery showing at Folly Moon in 2014. Her work can be found at Dan’s Records in downtown Muncie. Bishop is in the beginning stages of fostering her visual arts and design career in Louisville, Ky.

The opening reception will be 5-8 p.m. Thursday at the Cornerstone Art Gallery on the second floor of Cornerstone Center for the Arts. “Roy G. Biv” will be on display throughout the month of July.

Information: Department of Education and Communication, 765-281-9503, ext. 23. ”

My second solo display is happening this month in case you didn’t know.  I’ve made it down to Louisville, and I’m definitely settled in.  However, lets not forget where I started in Muncie Indiana.  My Muncie neighbors can attest to the color display they would see when i was varnishing finished works.

Check out the show if you’re in the area! It’s at Cornerstone Center for the Arts in downtown Muncie.  The show will display for the month of July.  I’ve put years of work into this show, and I promise you won’t regret taking the time.

I'm happy that Mandy's family(my old neighbors) came to see the show.  It's evident that Mandy will be forever missed.

I’m happy that Mandy’s family(my old neighbors) came to see the show. It’s evident that Mandy will be forever missed.



Just a few random art collectors stopping in! Thank you to my friends for being forever supportive.

Just a few random art collectors stopping in! Thank you to my friends for being forever supportive.


I haven’t written one of these for a long time, and to my defense, I believe it has less to do with laziness and more to do with social anxiety.  Give me a break, I’ve been living in a woods without power or a driveway for the last 6 months.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m exiting my early 20s and headed toward the mid, or if the chaos of life has hit me harder lately.  I don’t care what anyone says, 23 is a bleeping’ difficult period of life.  I’ve found myself in a new city.  I can explain my reality of being here as somewhat like getting hit by a tsunami (grotesque hatred), being dragged downward, tossed around in the circumference  of fear and bewilderment (trying “fix” the world around us and failing. Hard.).  It is a mystery to me as to why there are human beings that belong to hostile thoughts of blame and blind rage.  circumference  why emotionally vacant relationships reign our world.  But this wave will enviably bring us back to the surface, where we will struggle for air for a good amount of time.   But we didn’t die, did we precious? We can drown in this, or we can relax. It’s easy to take the good for granted, and to be overly appalled with the negative.  Its human nature; all of it.

It is summertime, and it is hot.  I’m preparing for a show at Cornerstone in July.  And I’ll be spending some time lower my expectations of myself and feeling the sunshine on my face.  This post is almost entirely for my own benefit, because I like to write and put my thoughtings into the world(I’m perfectly aware that “thoughtings” is not a word, more like a happy happenstance.  But if anyone can find calm in the fact that theres another individual that is flabbergasted that the world does not run entirely on love.  Here I am.  And my advise is to go listen to some Ween.

Mandy Skies

Life is too short. Recent tragic events led my hometown and neighborhood to lose another beautiful soul, and I’d like to take a moment to recognize that life is too short to not hug someone everyday and say thank you. I feel so incredibly lucky to have the life I do, and the gratitude I feel for having creative passion in my life is exponential. I’ve struggled in the past with feeling ridiculous for wanting to be a person that creates because I’m not naturally fearless. I remember one day in the shop when Mandy and I we’re talking about my painting and I remember vividly how I talked me down and she talked me up and told me she thought it was the best thing to just be me. She was a friend to the world, and her attitude toward life was one to strive for. Thinking about how we should never take our time on earth for granted, I finished this today and I’d like to dedicate this one to her. Thank you for being a positive voice in my head and I hope that you feel everyday the way I did the moment I was struck by beauty and wanted to create this painting.

If you’d like to have a poster to remember her by follow the link below.  This generates no profit for me, I just want those that want one to have one.

Tales of the Poop Bucket

A labor of love to be certain.  You gotta be real tight with someone to love living in a tiny space with no electricity, water, and some very chilly nights(the kind that ski-pants are worn to bed).

It's paradise.

Its paradise.

This place is truly awe-inspiring.  There are people that actually exist with this much drive and motivation to design a structure, gather reusable materials, and make a house into tangible reality with two hands and a little help makes me have seriously restored faith in humanity.  Or maybe I’m just head over heels, who knows.  Mr. Davis is of whom I speak, and for the technicals of the deal here’s his fancy architecture website: It will explain to you much better than I can how our little home came to be.  I’m here to share some recent projects! Composting Toilet: Made from scratch! You may know it by its street name; Poop Bucket.  I think that name derived from its use. I find this next image hysterical. IMG_0274 I’m sure it’s hard to decrypt this image of a fly and say why it’s so funny to me. Let me explain. This is no ordinary fly. This fly died the way every fly dreams of dying. Entombed by epoxy on the seat of a shitter. Inches away from eternal glory. Yes, as we were building the pooper seat, a fly landed and dried into the wet epoxy and will live on forever in mummified bliss. Too perfect. Speaking of poop…Sometimes we all need to learn particular lessons by doing and failing and learning from our mistakes.  Sometimes we can learn from others mistakes, right?  Take from me BE CAUTIOUS as to where you dump your dump-bucket and hot coals.  Sometimes when you dump your waste bucket out, and then dump hot coals from the wood stove over the top of it, you’ll still have a flaming pile of poop two days later.  Let me just go ahead and tell you, it smells like burning hair wrapped in a dirty diaper.


Our days are filled with wood choppin’ and window installin’.


Bird feeders and coffee. What can be better than that?

  It’s worth being out there.  It’s so many levels of worth it. Because everyday: IMG_0270IMG_0211   These things happen.   Coming soon: Japanese soak tub!  These are small, tall bathtubs made for sitting with hot water up to your neck.  Ideal bathtubs for small spaces, and we’re going to make one!

5 Reasons to Buy Local Art.

Everyone has a passion and special talents.  

Not everyone knows what they are of course, but everyone has something that they were born to love.  I love to paint!  I love to create!  My crazy-irrational brain likes to make crazy-irrational things! That’s me. That’s what I like to do.  And there are many people like me. When it comes to making a living, nothing sounds quite as agreeable as being an artist(in whatever sense of the word).  I bet you know why that’s unfortunate for me.  Starving artist is a mainstream term for crazy people like us.

This may come off as shameless self-promotion, but keep in mind I’m speaking in general terms.  Buying art from individuals has many perks!  Here are just a few:

There’s nothing else like it.

Or in the case of buying numbered prints, there are very few like it.  Don’t be afraid to be one of the first to buy.  Those first addition babies are worth the most!

It’s an investment.

C’mon, buy it while it’s cheap! Someday, it might be worth a bunch.  Okay, or just buy it because you love it! Stop gawking.  Gawk at it whilst it hangs from your living room wall.

Example 1A.

Example 1A. Living room wall.

You’re buying a shiny, brand new family heirloom.

I bet yourself starting to pick up the trickle down effect.  It’s science! Buying art is like buying your great grand kiddies a CD(certified deposit).  As time goes by, value accumulates.  Sentimental as well as monitory.  Someday, that artist will die in rags, but their art will be worth wheel barrels of cash.  Hey, that’s just the reality, but it’s fruitful for the kiddies!  Geesh, you are so selfless.

Local artists are local, thus your money will go to feeding the community.

Just like shopping at the local grocery, or eating at the local sandwich shop(sorry, minds always on food) your money will be funneled back in a way that will benefit you.  Taxes will be paid to benefit roads, schools, blah blah blah.  Money will be spent around town, adding to the economic stability of your surroundings.  You get the gist, communities are like the recycling logo.  Everything just swirls around and around and…Just keep your dollars away from Walmart.  Spoiler Alert: they’re living, breathing, fire-spitting evil…

You’re supporting dreams.

No one heads down this scary, dark path with any ideas about getting rich.  Following dreams over cash flow is a majorly terrifying achievement.  Mad respect to those who make it out alive.  This may come as a surprise to you(or not) but the ratio for art apposed to aspiring artist IS NOT EQUAL.  The demand is super low.  The aspiring is super high.  If you are financial able and you love a piece of art work, go for it!  I guarantee, this is one purchase you will make in a life time that you will not regret.  It ranks somewhere between with buying a carseat for your infant, and buying an iPod(or other portable music device).

Next time you’re looking to spruce up your living space, spare those poor Chinese children and skip the Target clearance aisle.  Put your money towards an investment in humanity, and get yourself something one of a kind.  This goes for music, film, performance, books, WHATEVER.  If you like or are touched by something or someone, respond.  That’s what we do, and that’s what life is about.

I don’t like to spell/grammar check my writing, so excuse my rare mistakes.