Hello, my name is Lindsey.

I like to wander around and look at pretty things. Sometimes I like to paint these things I see. See?


Just to toot my own horn a bit, here’s a little recognition for my artsy-fartsy ways from the local press.


I will out movie-trivia you any day of the week. I might be able to out music you too, but I don’t know you well enough yet. I like video games, particularly old ones. If I didn’t have to be an adult sometimes, my life would probably consist mostly of Zelda and paintbrushes. Let’s watch LOTR together, and I’ll quote it for you all the way through.
I enjoy making my friends laugh, and I like people that make me laugh.
I like animals more than most people. Don’t get me wrong, I really love humans too. I just like my dogs more.
I’ve been described as a bit of a screwball before. And I really give no cares.


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