Can’t Wait For Singapore!

Every time I look out the tiny tinted cabin window from my economically located seat close to the rear of the plane, I think about one of my favorite bits by Louis CK. In the segment from one of Louie’s shows, he goes about depicting being on a pilot run(no pun intended) for airplane wifi. The joke climaxed with the passages next to him cursing under his breath when the wifi failed and Louie pointed out how bizarre and ungrateful this was because they’re sitting in a tube in the sky and that in itself is fantastic and the definition of amazing. I try to keep that idea with me always, because the sheer fact that I’m writing this on a digital plane from a tube in the sky, which will somehow miraculously make it to satellites orbiting the planet, and back down to your device and translate from lines of code which are merely strands of light into words is truly unbelievable besides knowing its real. 
The problems of humanity do not cease as you travel. Some fade, like monotony of routine and pressures of work life. Others grow with intensity, as in homesickness and the never ending task of homocapians to seek identity and individuality. It’s important to remain humble about experiences and grateful for the life your given and also the shape you’ve yourself given to it.  
I met a lovely woman while hiking the TA named Tadpole(trail name) who embodied many qualities I’d love to find in my future self. She was kind, straightforward, easy to laugh, and seemingly in-quarrelsome with her own self. She is a totally rad ageless livelifetothefullest BA 70 year young soul. Tadpole told us that every morning she dedicates one hour to gratitude. She had much wisdom to share with us, but the one bit I held on to most was this. 
Right now, I’m five or six hours from Singapore. The foodie in me can hardly sit in my seat. Hawker centres and pod hostels are on the top of the to do list. The city-state of Singapore is to be the ultimate melting pot of a huge mix of culture. I can not wait to experience the food, art, customs, and infrastructure.  


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