Pelorus River Track

Weeee we got to hike up a river, how rad is that! The Pelorus River is the clearest river I have seen in all my days. To get to the start of the track, we walked and hitch-hiked down back roads and pasture to end up at a campground and well known swimming hole. On a 85 degree F day, swimming in here (and later down the track, Emerald Pool) was magic for burnt skin and tired muscles. The campgrounds cafe and pastry shop had absolutely delicious looking treats and pies, as well as much needed sandfly spray. 

After leaving the campground, we got a ride from a cheeky kiwi couple who took us to the start of the track. The trail began with easy ascents  and descents through beech forest. During our three day, two night stint, we stayed at Captain Creek, Middy Creek, and Hacket Huts. Pelorus was our introduction to sidling and climbing over boulders on steep ledges, scoring over fallen trees, NZ’s obsession with swing bridges (I heart swing bridges), and a  welcome warmup for the Richmond Ranges.  





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