Finally Here… at the beginning 

Please forgive grammatical errors. I’m writing by the seat of my pants.
Arriving to New Zealand feels like an accomplishment to say the least. I always underestimate how exhausting travel is. New Zealand is also my first passport stamp; as well as my first experience with jet lag. The short list of our very eventful excursion: painless flight with the exception of two emergency tickets ro Australia to prove we were leaving New Zealand before our three month visa waiver was up(helpful tip alert).

For those of you back home, I actually skipped a day and went back several hours. Confusing, I know. In other words, we departed on the 15th and arrived on the 17th after going over the international date line. That means I traveled through time and space and landed in the future. We wondered around Auckland for a good little bit and discovered a cultural melting pot that would put the states to shame. All kinds of folks! All kinds of food and language and culture from all parts of the world. 

After staying at verhandas backpackers one night, we realized we’d need one more night somewhere to catch a bus on Friday. So we went to the library and frantically, fruitlessly searched for a room for 5 hours. It turned out that there is a Lantern festival for the Chinese New Year(happy year of the monkey y’all) that’s pretty popular. Our luck turned around when we got a message from Julia on airbnb and we ferried to Bayswater to stay where we were fed great food and wine and given a comfy bed and great conversation.
We’re now waited in devonsport to catch another ferry to catch a bus to catch another ferry so we can FINALLY HIKE. Our food is mailed our bag are packed. Happy trails! 



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