Tales of the Poop Bucket

A labor of love to be certain.  You gotta be real tight with someone to love living in a tiny space with no electricity, water, and some very chilly nights(the kind that ski-pants are worn to bed).

It's paradise.

Its paradise.

This place is truly awe-inspiring.  There are people that actually exist with this much drive and motivation to design a structure, gather reusable materials, and make a house into tangible reality with two hands and a little help makes me have seriously restored faith in humanity.  Or maybe I’m just head over heels, who knows.  Mr. Davis is of whom I speak, and for the technicals of the deal here’s his fancy architecture website: http://www.agritecture.me/RURAL-REUSE It will explain to you much better than I can how our little home came to be.  I’m here to share some recent projects! Composting Toilet: Made from scratch! You may know it by its street name; Poop Bucket.  I think that name derived from its use. I find this next image hysterical. IMG_0274 I’m sure it’s hard to decrypt this image of a fly and say why it’s so funny to me. Let me explain. This is no ordinary fly. This fly died the way every fly dreams of dying. Entombed by epoxy on the seat of a shitter. Inches away from eternal glory. Yes, as we were building the pooper seat, a fly landed and dried into the wet epoxy and will live on forever in mummified bliss. Too perfect. Speaking of poop…Sometimes we all need to learn particular lessons by doing and failing and learning from our mistakes.  Sometimes we can learn from others mistakes, right?  Take from me BE CAUTIOUS as to where you dump your dump-bucket and hot coals.  Sometimes when you dump your waste bucket out, and then dump hot coals from the wood stove over the top of it, you’ll still have a flaming pile of poop two days later.  Let me just go ahead and tell you, it smells like burning hair wrapped in a dirty diaper.


Our days are filled with wood choppin’ and window installin’.


Bird feeders and coffee. What can be better than that?

  It’s worth being out there.  It’s so many levels of worth it. Because everyday: IMG_0270IMG_0211   These things happen.   Coming soon: Japanese soak tub!  These are small, tall bathtubs made for sitting with hot water up to your neck.  Ideal bathtubs for small spaces, and we’re going to make one!


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