Mountain Gazing and Potential Demise with my Best-Good-Idaho Friend, Cammy.


What’s the most terrifying animal imaginable in the deep wooden mountainsides of Idaho?  If you don’t know Idaho well, it’s lush with pines, incredibly dry, and HOT.  Crystal clear waters, and dense with wildlife.  As you probably know, these are prime conditions for exotic and ferocious creatures.  With that in mind, let’s begin this story.

Once upon a time, Cammy and I decided to go for a walkabout to spectate the land and ponder life’s greatest questions, and to eat a bag of carrots.  



We found the perfect spot, complete with ghostly winds, and a sun approaching dusk.  What a sight!  So breathe-taking, it made me re-contemplate just what exactly is important in my life.  I came up with the same conclusion I had before.  Anyway.  So carrots finished, we stand up from our rock couch to take in the view one last time. SNAP, CRACKLE, POP!  We freeze, and stare at each other with bug-eyes.  What was that?  Probably a chubby squirrel landing on a branch.  CRACK CCRReeeeAACCKK.  Chills surge up my spine.  Cam investigates a few feet back. The sound is getting closer and Cams creeps quietly back to my side, both of us holding our breathes in frightened anticipation. it’s time to make a decision; fight or flight. Weapons? Do we have weapons? It’s too late. At this point, I’m immersed with dread.  A giant brown figure emerges from the evergreens! It’s massive! What is it? My heart is in my throat and I’m preparing to be eaten alive.  It’s becoming more visible from behind the brush! It’s…it’s….it’s a cow. Oh. A cow. In the woods.  Of course! A cow’s nature habitat.

Thought it was going to be the end of me, eh?  Eh? Not this girl.  I shall live to tell another tale, my friends. 




By the way, check out Cam’s blog, .


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